Organization Objectives

  1. To research civil rights laws, environmental laws, proposed legislation, governmental policies, rules, regulations, guidelines and initiate actions to protect and restore our environment, eco-systems, natural resources, wildlife, habitats and public health.

  2. To participate in scientific and medical research on the negative environmental, economic and public health impacts of ports, international cargo & cruise ships, petroleum industry, energy sources and the goods movement transportation industry business operations.

  3. To research and promote alternative fuels, energy sources and technologies that reduce and eliminate environmental pollution, public health impacts and provide a public economic benefit.  

  4. To ensure that the publics interests are represented, enforce the public right to know, there is a public review & approval process, there is adequate policing & monitoring and that all negative environmental, economic and public health impacts are mitigated. 

  5. To represent the public and community interests in public hearings, public meetings, committees, task forces, public comment periods, project proposals, new legislation, license & permit applications, complaints, investigations and lawsuits.

  6. To educate and empower communities by providing public information, organizing them to take action, participating in public policy making, provide leadership training, researching project proposals, researching alternative technologies, investigating public health problems, developing educational materials and producing documentary films.

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