Organization Goals

  1. To protect, promote, preserve and restore our Mother Earth’s delicate ecology, eco-systems, environment, natural resources, wildlife and habitats.

  2. To prevent, reduce and eliminate global warming, environmental and natural resources pollution, contamination, destruction, degradation and loss.

  3. To mitigate, reduce and eliminate public exposure and public health impacts caused by environmental pollution from ports, international cargo & cruise ships, the petroleum industry, energy sources and the goods movement transportation industry.

  4. To reduce and eliminate public exposure to safety risks, fires, explosions and hazards from ports, international trade, petroleum, energy, goods movement transportation business industry operations and natural disasters.

  5. To promote healthy families and communities by participating in public health research, alternative fuels, energy sources and technologies research, community economic development, transportation infrastructure and urban planning.

  6. To educate the public and families on how to be environmentally aware, eco-system friendly, wildlife habitat conscience, consumer product contents knowledgeable and healthy eating natural and organic food products.

  7. To educate, inspire, organize and empower communities, people of color, indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities, the poor and the economically disenfranchised on how to improve and change their future lives by participating in the political process, understanding governmental and agency policies, laws, rules and regulations, the precautionary principal and environmental justice.

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